CIBE now offers a new laser marking service, useful to identify each sample weight or mass individually, from 1 gram up to 20 kg.

The marking allows for easier and more effective identification and management of each weight, while guaranteeing compliance within ISO quality parameters.

Perfect for pharmaceutical industries, laboratories and for companies who deeply care about correctly maintaining metrological traceability and when legal for trade approval and quality systems require mass marking.


Laser marking:

  • Does not affect the surface, does not wear over time, and is smooth, thus avoiding dust deposit and weighing stability alterations
  • Complies with OIML requirements
  • Full bespoke customisation available to the company's unique requirements

Each weight is individually and uniquely identified and it will no longer be possible to confuse masses of equal weight.

Marking service available upon request, for sample weights and masses of all accuracy classes.

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